zveloDB® URL Database – over 500 million categorized URLs, covering 6 billion web pages and in nearly 200 languages.

The zveloDB URL database provides the foundation for and can be licensed to enhance web and content filtering applications, endpoint security offerings, reputation services, ad inventory vetting, ad placement, brand safety and security solutions, web analytics and wherever accuracy, coverage, malicious website detection and fast URL query performance are required (see case studies). zvelo licenses the zveloDB exclusively through technology partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Following are the zveloDB attributes.

Accuracy and Coverage
The zveloDB URL database provides unmatched accuracy and coverage of the ActiveWeb (websites visited by actual users) and boasts 100% verified accuracy for the most popular sites. It undergoes continuous Quality Assurance verification checks for critical “objectionable” categories such as porn, hate, violence, profanity, weapons and other similarly inappropriate content.

The ActiveWeb
The ActiveWeb is defined as the websites visited by actual users. These highly engaged and active users are those of zvelo’s technology partners and make up the global community that continually feeds web queries into the categorization processes and systems hosted on the zveloNET® cloud network.

In-Depth Categorization
The zveloDB URL database provides in-depth contextual content categorization at the domain, sub-domain, sub-path and page level, particularly important for social networking and blogging websites where diverse content exists, to include content hidden behind a log-in.

Language Support
The zveloDB provides “long tail” coverage for web content in nearly 200 languages with ongoing language support enhancements being rolled out frequently.


zveloDB - URL Database for OEMs - Language Support Map by Country
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zveloDB® - URL Database Coverage of the Alexa Top Websites

Alexa Top Sites
The zveloDB URL database provides 100% coverage of the Alexa Global 1 Million most popular websites.

Nearly 500 Categories
With the most granular category set in the industry, the near 500 categories of the zveloDB URL database allow for precision policy management and controls. Up to five categories can be assigned to any given URL (for example, cnn.com/sports/ would be “News” and “Sports”).

Category Mapping
The zveloDB URL database categories can be mapped to a virtually unlimited number of optional category sets, including legacy vendor's category sets, parental control category sets, reputation filtering category sets, the IAB’s contextual taxonomy tiers and targeting levels, and more. Whether the requirement is for 4, 40 or 385 categories, the zveloDB's categories can be configured to meet any technology partner's requirements. When moving from an existing, legacy vendor URL database, the category mapping feature allows for a seamless transition without requiring any changes to the Policy Management GUI or reporting, eliminating customer confusion, time-consuming policy changes or down time.


Illustration of the URL category mapping capability and flexibility of the zveloDB® - URL Database for the OEM market.


Flexible Deployment
The zveloDB can be deployed via the zveloDB SDK or through a lightweight zveloNET Cloud API, or both. zvelo can also accommodate OEM Partners that require just a blocklist security feed implementation.

Updates to the zveloDB URL database can be downloaded intra-day or in real-time.

zvelo processes billions of URL queries daily, including categorization and malicious scanning of millions of new websites. With zvelo’s “zero-hour” update feature, newly categorized URLs are immediately available for future queries by OEM Partners and their users.

zvelo Instant Protection™
URLs categorized as any of the 10 malicious (e.g. botnet, malware distribution point, phishing/fraud, etc.) or blockable (e.g. porn, sex, hate, violence, etc.) categories, or are re-categorized are immediately pushed to the local SDKs’ database to provide Instant Protection for filtering or blocking against these types of sites. This is a great differentiator for zvelo’s OEM Partners.

To see the zveloDB URL Database in action, click case studies.