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Preemptively Secure Targeted Brands Against Phishing Attacks

Digital Risk Protection (DRP) vendors are continuously challenged to shield targeted brands from new and emerging phishing attacks. The proliferation of threats across the internet requires a proactive approach that maximizes visibility across your attack surface. zvelo addresses this critical need with PhishBlocklist, a premium phishing threat intelligence feed tailored for early detection of targeted brand attacks. The PhishBlocklist detections can be ingested directly into DRPS, SIEM, or SOAR systems as part of the collection and monitoring processes.

zvelo's targeted brand detections for digital risk protection services

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Get Phishing Detection and Intelligence with Precision and Foresight

PhishBlocklist delivers detections of targeted brand attacks for the brands that matter most. Hundreds of leading fintech, luxury, retail and other brands are continuously monitored for early detection of phishing threats targeting these brands.

PhishScan real-time phishing threat verification for email security

Targeted Phishing Brand Detection

Monitor specific threats against your brands with continuous targeted brand detection capabilities.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

zvelo monitors traffic from over 1 billion endpoints, ensuring comprehensive coverage with the earliest and fastest targeted brand phishing detections.

Real-Time Continuous Updates

Verified Threat Status

Stay informed on the active status of phishing campaigns for timely and relevant responses.

Rich Metadata Attributes

Seamless Integration

With API access, PhishBlocklist integrates smoothly into existing SIEM, SOAR, and DRPS platforms for efficient monitoring and alerting.

PhishBlocklist Datasheet
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