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Protect Your Clients’ Critical Infrastructure and Operations with zvelo’s Industry-Leading Threat Intelligence Feeds

The critical nature of Operational Technology (OT) security demands advanced threat intelligence data that maximizes detection capabilities across all industries. Power your OT security with zvelo’s unmatched detection coverage, accuracy, speed, and low false positive rates, providing global visibility and reach across multiple industries. With 30% better detection coverage and accuracy on active threats, our feeds combine curated domains, threat data feeds, and global partner network clickstream traffic to deliver the fastest, most actionable intelligence on active threats. Plus, with an average cost savings of 70%, our curated threat feeds can help streamline your threat intelligence ecosystem and boost the ROI of your existing infrastructure.

  • Real-time, threat detection and insights to help identify, investigate and mitigate threats at the device and network levels.
  • Eliminate blind spots by detecting threats other feeds miss with unrivaled global coverage.
  • Contextual datasets to support and enrich your customer’s traffic, telemetry and Netflow data.
  • Enrich and automate OT security tools with malicious threat intelligence to boost ROI from existing infrastructure.
  • Streamline threat sources with zvelo’s multi-sourced, curated cyber threat intelligence.
  • Leverage zvelo’s 24/7 staffing of malware analysts to respond to customer requests within minutes.
  • AI & Deep Learning consulting, AI model training/testing, and data annotation to supplement current capabilities.

Advance Your Position in the OT Security Solutions Marketplace

Boost Your OT Security with Maximum Precision, Efficacy, and Protection for Networks and Devices

Help your clients extend their cyber defense from IT to OT security. zvelo’s premium phishing and malicious threat intelligence provides 99% threat protection with less than 1% false positives, best-in-class content classification and URL database, AI & Deep learning, threat hunting activities, and more — empowering you with every advantage to compete against other Operational Technology security solutions and protect your clients from business disruption, information loss, revenue loss, and equipment damage.

Phishing Detection for Blocking and Threat Research

Malicious Detailed Detection Feed

Malicious Detailed Detection Feed delivers curated malicious intelligence that identifies, confirms, and enriches malicious IOCs with metadata such as date detected, malware family, file hashes, and other attributes to aid in further threat analysis and enrichment.

zveloDB URL Database and Web Classification Services


The PhishBlocklist feed delivers curated phishing intelligence for comprehensive protection against active phishing threats in the wild. More than detections, PhishBlocklist is enriched with metadata attributes like date detected, targeted brand, and other crucial data points.



PhishScan™ provides a fast, easy-to-implement cloud API query service to get an immediate yes/no response as to whether a URL/IP is phishing.  Ideal for email/SMS/surfing applications that require real-time phishing verification lookups.

Malicious Detection for Blocking and Threat Research

Web/URL Database

zvelo’s URL classification database provides best-in-class accuracy, coverage and performance.  zveloDB is the tool of choice for industry leaders to power web and DNS filtering, MSSPs, XDR / MDR / EDR, brand safety, contextual targeting, and other applications.

Curated Threat Intelligence on Phishing & Malicious IOCs

Close the OT Security Gaps with zvelo’s Premium Threat Intelligence

zvelo’s proprietary AI-based threat detection, website categorization, and advanced curation technologies maximizes your visibility into the most dangerous and active threats to your clients’ OT network, reduces your vulnerability windows, and helps you to provide a more mature Operational Technology security solution to clients, enhancing their cyber resiliency and risk mitigation.

zvelo Cyber Threat Intelligence

Unique Threat Detections

Advanced AI-based technology detects unique phishing and malicious IOCs earlier and more accurately than other providers so you can neutralize emerging threats when they are most dangerous.

Global Clickstream

Massive Clickstream Traffic

URLs from text, SMS, email, and surfing traffic from 1 billion users and endpoints supply continuous and comprehensive visibility into the global clickstream.

Rich Metadata Attributes

Metadata for Contextual Relevance

Metadata enriches IOCs with key details like the full-path URL, created date, domain history, malware family, and file hashes to enhance contextual relevance of potential threats.

Real-Time Continuous Updates

Real-Time Detections & Updates

zvelo continuously monitors and analyzes ActiveWeb traffic and proprietary data sources to identify new malicious threats as they mutate and change, immediately propagating threats to global database deployments.

Curated Malicious Intelligence

Curated Threat Intelligence

zvelo leverages its massive clickstream traffic, along with other sensor-based data streams and proprietary data sources to identify, validate and enrich intelligence collected on malicious threats.

Flexible Integration & Deployment Options

API Access

Designed for a wide range of applications, zvelo’s RESTful API design enables bi-directional data to flow through the zveloAI platform for accessing threat data, as well as submitting data for threat detection processing.


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At zvelo, we empower our partners with scalable data services and solutions to increase product viability and ROI. zvelo works with some of the leading security vendors, ad tech publishing platforms, and device manufacturers — deploying fully-managed enterprise-grade data solutions and the scalable infrastructure for them. See how you extend your product functionality and gain a competitive advantage.

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