zveloLABS® provides malicious website detection research, development and innovation.


zveloLABS is zvelo's global network of software engineers, researchers, web analysts and other professionals dedicated to early detection and protection against malicious, compromised and infected websites. The zveloLABS team is focused on continuously enhancing the malicious website detection capabilities of the AutoCat (short for automated categorization) systems of the zveloNET® cloud network and closing the zero-hour coverage gap of most commercial anti-malware software. 

In addition to developing its own proprietary malicious website detection capabilities, zveloLABS has malicious and signature sharing relationships with a wide range of third party security and anti-malware organizations to ensure the highest level of detection for threats ranging from botnets, malware distribution points, and compromised sites, to sites being used for phishing, fraud, including online advertising fraud, and spam.

zveloLABS publishes its research and discusses other business challenges faced every day, including those of zelo's technology partners, on the zveloBLOG®.

zvelo licenses it's content categorization technologies and databases, its blocklist security feeds, and its malicious website detection solutions exclusively with vendors within a numer of infosec, big data analytics, endpoing security, network security and other high tech markets.