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zvelo’s technology empowers businesses to identify bot traffic with the industry’s only FREE bot detection solution.

See what inside our free bot detection dashboard looks like.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminate barriers to bot detection
  • Detect / gain visibility into Human, Non-Human (NHT), & Low-Quality (LQT) Traffic
  • Access an easy to use interface to view detections & identify unwanted traffic

Ideal for use in the Ad Tech ecosystem, such as:

  • Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs), Large Publishers, Ad Networks & Exchanges

Ad Fraud Bot Detection

Extensive algorithms examine over 60 different traffic and page-level signals, including:

  • Mouse movement
  • Time on a page
  • Browser properties
  • Window properties
  • Historical bot activity of IP/User agent
  • and more…
Ad Fraud Traffic Quality Report

Insight Into Bot and Invalid Traffic

Customers will have access to an interactive report providing key data points about their traffic, including a breakdown of Human, Non-Human (NHT) and Low-Quality (LQT) Traffic.

zTag powers both advertisers and publishers:

– As an advertiser to assess the quality of your media buys
– As a publisher to assess the quality of the traffic you’re buying

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What is Bot Detection?

Bot Detection provides insight on the percentage of non-human (NHT), low-quality (LQT), and human traffic to an ad or website.

When the zTag (Javascript enabled tag) is deployed on an ad or webpage, distinctive traffic behaviors are observed, such as mouse movements, time on a page, browser properties, and more to determine the category of traffic.

Besides insight into the categories of traffic, those who run the Free Bot Detection service will also be able to see the top five domains for non-human (NHT) and low quality traffic (LQT); all through accessing real-time dashboard which is including in the completely free offering.

Rather than wondering what is bot detection, take advantage of the first free bot detection available on the market to observe the quality of all your traffic! If you wish to know more about how to block non-human traffic through IPs, see our  Invalid Traffic dataset (IVT).

zvelo provides all the web page and device categorization data you need.
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