Malicious Dataset

Malicious Dataset

The Industry’s Definitive Dataset of Malicious Host-Names, IPs and Full-Path URLs

Discover threats at the URL and IP level and identify malicious activities such as: malware, phishing, fraud, and spyware. For use in Network Security with web filtering and parental controls. If you are in Network Security and solving problems around web filtering or parental controls, check out zveloDB – a compilation of our most popular datasets: malicious, content, and objectionable.

Key Benefits:

  • Identify phishing, fraud and emerging exploits from your network
  • Includes host-names, IPs and full-path URLs
  • Specifies threat/malicious category granularity
  • Industry leading detection coverage with internal detection audits
  • Billions of requests scanned each day, detections are continuously updated


Content Dataset features include:

  • Receive granular data, including – malicious category, threat vector, URL (domain, and full path) and IP
  • Continuous updates to ensure customers have the most recent and accurate data
  • Depth of analysis supports full-path detection, providing critical analytical credibility
  • Automated Malicious URL revisit schedule

Use Cases:

  • Perfect for endpoint solutions and gateway devices such as:
  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Proxies
  • Empowers customers to block internet traffic from/to URLs
  • Pre-bid filtering of malicious URLs from bid stream
  • Assists businesses with identification and removal of malicious URLs from email and customer profile databases

Other datasets offered by zvelo include:

      • Content Dataset – Experience market leading accuracy and coverage for web and social content categorization with 99.9% coverage of the ActiveWeb and incorporating over 200 languages. For use in Network Security with web filtering and parental controls, Mobile Service Provider/Subscriber Analytics with Audience/Customer Profiling and in Ad Tech with Contextual Targeting and Brand Safety.

      • Objectionable Dataset – Be able to identify URLs that are inappropriate or non-brand safe. Categories include various levels of severity associated with porn, hate speech, violence, etc. For use in Network Security with web filtering and parental controls, and in Ad Tech with Brand Safety, or in Mobile Service Provider / Subscriber Analytics with Contextual Targeting.

      • Invalid Traffic Dataset – Gain insight into invalid traffic (NHT) classifications of web crawlers, traffic from known data centers, fake crawlers and malicious bots to use as a block list of IPs for invalid traffic. For use in Ad Tech with Ad Fraud prevention and Transparency and in Network Security to protect networks against malicious bot attacks.

      • Comprehensive Page-level Traffic Dataset – Pinpoint non-human (bot) and low quality (such as click farms) traffic beyond the domain level – straight down the specific page level. For use in Ad Tech with Ad Fraud Prevention.

If you are interested in our malicious dataset at it relates to the security of consumer devices that are connected on a network to the Internet of Things, check out our
zvelo IoT Security solution.

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What is malicious website detection?

Malicious website detection is the ability to identify domains, websites or IP addresses that are associated with viruses, malware, and other forms of harmful programs that can infect your computer or otherwise compromise your system.  zvelo’s malicious dataset identifies individual URL’s that have been detected by zveloLabs to be malicious to enable you to block and thus avoid potential harm to your system.  Our robust dataset for malicious URL detection empowers you to make informed decisions around securing your system.

Hundreds of years ago, Sir Francis Bacon said the quote “Knowledge is power” and in today’s data driven era that holds just as much if not more weight.  Use the knowledge, the power, of our malicious dataset to protect your business. This can range from helping to identify phishing, fraud, and spyware to informing you on the best solution to implement on your firewalls, routers, proxies, or incorporate into your email platform and customer profile databases.

zvelo provides all the web page and device categorization data you need.
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