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Jason Rollings | Sr. VP of Service Delivery | zvelo Leadership Team

Jay Rollings

Sr. VP of Service Delivery

Jay Rollings has been Sr. Vice President of Service Delivery since the inception of zvelo and previously was Vice President of Operations with the company for over 12 years. His 25 years of operations management and corporate infrastructure development experience in the electronics and computer industries includes Director of Operations at Amcodyne, a Colorado based disk drive manufacturer, Director of Manufacturing at Hi-Tech Manufacturing, a printed circuit board and computer subcontract manufacturer, Electronics Division Director at Micro Motion, a producer of coriolis flow & density measurement equipment and Director of Operations at Codar Technology Inc., a military computer manufacturer.

Jay has been recognized for his superb internal process development, control and infrastructure improvement methods within the industry, and he actively contributes to industry standards and positive change, sitting on committees like the IAB’s Anti-Malware Working Group, Advertising Technology Council, Data Council, and Mobile Advertising Committee.