IPv6 Support a Must for Application, Library and Service Providers

News that the European Internet authority RIPE is down to its last block of IPv4 addresses escalates the importance of supporting IPv6. Within a few years, IPv4 addresses will become expensive or impossible to acquire for new businesses or for expanding service providers. These new services will start using IPv6 wherever possible in order to free up scarce IPv4 address blocks for more important uses. This move has already started.

Raising AutoCat: Web Analysts Role in zvelo Categorization Accuracy

Imagine for a second you were presented with a superhuman baby having the ability to learn and retain vast amounts of information. We’ll make it a girl super baby as a tribute to fem-heroes of comic book past. Now, what if on your shoulders lays the opportunity to raise her up and teach her the sum of all human knowledge that ever existed? Like every good mentor, you watch her closely making sure her misunderstandings and confusions are always kept checked, corrected, and resolved. You take pride in how accurate she becomes and are quick to reply “Bring it!” to anyone who wants to test her knowledge. Here at zvelo this what-if situation is a reality and I’d like to share with you the experience of training and working with an intelligent being day after day.