EU increases pressure on terrorism content online

EU Increases Pressure to Combat Terrorism Content Online

Last week, we announced that we will be extending zveloDB™ URL categorization support to include eight (8) new categories. The new categories represent a number of emergent topics and threats including Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency Mining, Fake News, Terrorism, and more. These topics have a significant—and growing—presence online and we’re excited about how these new categories will empower our OEM partners to provide a safer and more usable internet for their customers.

IoT Cybersecurity Reaches Tipping Point

IoT Cybersecurity Reaching Tipping Point

In an article on ITPro, Jeff Finn writes about how the state of IoT cybersecurity is reaching a tipping point, forcing IoT device manufacturers to work partners that excel at networking. “The writing on the wall for IoT device manufacturers is to get serious about security and develop fruitful channel partnerships with network technology providers.

CRN Interviews zvelo

CRN interviews zvelo CEO on New IoT Security Offering to Detect Compromised Devices

CRN Exclusive: zvelo Introduces IoT Security Offering To Detect Compromised Devices CRN: News, Analysis, and Perspective for VARs, and Technology Integrators *The following article, by Lindsey O’Donnell, is featured on CRN‘s website and was originally published on October 2, 2017. Network security company zvelo Monday unveiled an IoT security offering that uses artificial intelligence to automate the way enterprises discover and…

In IoT Central: "Keeping Voice-Activated Smart Home Device From Talking to the Wrong People"

Keeping Voice-Activated Smart Home Device From Talking to the Wrong People by Jeff Finn, CEO of zvelo The introduction of voice-activated smart home solutions – like Amazon Echo and Dot, Google Home, and Apple’s HomePod – have brought with them the dream of convenient Star Trek-like interfaces where a user’s spoken wish is their command.…