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Improve Ad Tech Campaign Performance and ROI with Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting Solutions

Improving digital advertising performance is increasingly critical to brands and publishers. Ad Tech buyers want to accurately target consumers in the most cost-effective way. That means steering clear of damaging brand safety mistakes and avoiding placements on site that are not aligned with a brand’s message or public image. It is a difficult task with little or no transparency into the inventory or traffic being purchased.

Similarly, publishers need ways to rise above the noise and monetize their content in a world where buyers struggle to discern premium and worthwhile inventory from the onslaught of new content and websites emerging every day.

No More Difficult Conversations with Stakeholders about Brand Safety

Protect Your Advertisers with a Premium Inventory of Vetted, Safe URLs

Buyers want better ways to get their message in front of their audience across a variety of channels. Aligning an aggressive online campaign with web pages, blogs, or social media content that’s safe for your brand’s image and message is an incredible challenge. Getting it right reaps rewards. Getting it wrong can topple businesses and end careers. Get your brand recognized for all the right reasons with transparency into successful brand-safe advertising opportunities.

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Brand Safety and Transparency by zvelo

Gain unparalleled insight into topic-based and objectionable contextual data with best-in-class contextual targeting and categorization. zvelo customers, who represent nearly 650 million end users, benefit from 99.9% coverage of the active web. We offer 497 categories of granularity and support for over 200 languages. The processing power, reach, and speed of our technology delivers the fastest real-time updates available today.

Our dynamic data arms buy-side platforms with powerful targeting and accurate insight into impression opportunities. Sell-side stakeholders using zvelo’s data can more effectively classify their inventory.

We’re on a mission to drive true transparency in the digital advertising world by delivering a new level of relevancy, brand safety, and objectionable inventory analysis.

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Advanced Brand Identity Protection with Contextual Targeting!

zvelo’s datasets and solutions for contextual targeting and identifying objectionable content helps protect your image. Enabling ad publishers to display advertisements only on safe websites and spaces ensures brand protection and a positive customer experience.

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