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Help Create a Safer, More Secure Internet Experience.

zvelo’s mission is to make the internet safer and more secure. The Software Developer Program is designed to support application developers, researchers, product managers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and others who share this vision by providing API access to zvelo’s malicious & phishing detection, cyber threat intelligence feeds, and web content classification data services.  

With the zvelo Software Developer Program, you gain free API access to the market-leading zveloAI Platform in order to develop prototypes, proof of concept, conduct research, and more. 

Members of the Software Developer Program will have many benefits including:

  • Up to 10,000 URL queries per month
  • Early access to new products and solutions
  • Invitations to evaluate and offer feedback on new solutions
  • Access to engage with zvelo’s engineers and cyber threat intelligence experts 

zvelo is committed to supporting software developers in their pursuits to make the web safer and more secure through creative ideas and innovative use cases. 

Common Applications and Use Cases

Here are some of the most common applications and use cases for zvelo’s Software Developer Program

These represent the most frequently used applications for zvelo’s cyber threat intelligence and web classification data services to give you some ideas, but should not limit you in how to apply the data.  We look forward to learning about other ways developers may envision using zvelo’s data to create something entirely new and innovative to support the mission of improving web safety and security.

  • Web Filtering & Parental Controls
  • Secure Browsers
  • Phishing and Malicious Threat Detection
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • APT Analysis
  • IPS/CASB Threat/Malicious Detection
  • Contextual Targeting & Brand Safety
  • Plugins for Collaboration Services (Github, Slack, etc.)
  • Plugins for Social Media (Objectionable/Violence/Malicious)
  • Reputation Filtering
  • Search Engine Result Classification
  • Business Intelligence
  • Subscriber Analytics

zvelo Terms of Agreement

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