Phishing is the #1 Cybersecurity Threat Facing Networks Today!

95% of corporate network attacks and data breaches are the result of a successful phishing attack.

Regardless of business size or prepared network defenses—it only requires a single errant click by one user to compromise sensitive data and infrastructure. According to IBM, the global average cost of a data breach now exceeds $3.86 million (USD). Even midsize companies incur an average of $1.6 million (USD) in damages for remediation efforts. A 2018 FBI report estimated that losses caused by Business Email Compromise (BEC) between 2013 and 2018 exceeded $12.5 billion (USD).

Phishing attacks and social engineering strategies are growing more sophisticated. Trends like the adoption of HTTPS encryption—which over 50% of fraudulent sites now use—have increased the effectiveness of today’s phishing threats. The emergence of new threats is likely to accelerate in coming years with the rapid adoption and convergence of IoT and 5G technologies.

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AI-Powered Phishing Protection

Millions of New Phishing Sites Emerge Every Month

Due to the sheer size and speed at which the phishing threat landscape changes, traditional (and reactive) cybersecurity approaches—and even human intervention methods—have proven incapable of addressing the problem.

In recent years, the cybersecurity community has focused on user education, password managers, and two factor authentication (2FA) to combat the growing phishing threat. While these efforts all play a critical role in securing our networks—and continued awareness is important—they alone are unable to address the growing threat posed to increasing numbers of users and devices across web-connected apps and services. To put it simply, the cybersecurity community has been unable to provide any meaningful protection from the dangers and damages caused by phishing at large. That is… until now.

Introducing The Industry’s Most Comprehensive and Effective AI-Powered Phishing Detection

Advanced protection powered by a massive human-annotated phishing dataset and machine learning models carefully tuned to predict, analyze, and detect active and emerging phishing URLs—including zero-day threats

With the release of zvelo’s AI-based phishing detection system, the zveloAI cloud is more effective than ever at detecting, predicting, and identifying the millions of phishing URLs, threats, and toolkits on the ActiveWeb—including “zero-day” threats not found on ANY other phishing feed. For over a decade zvelo has been a pioneer in web content categorization and malicious detection, building a global AI-based network that continuously monitors and analyzes web content and traffic and which is trained to evolve as web content, malicious and other threats mutate and change. Combined with the inflow of ActiveWeb traffic from over 650 million users, and zvelo’s massively scalable AI network automatically scales to meet traffic and processing demand from every corner of the globe. This provides zvelo with an unparalleled understanding of the ActiveWeb and has enabled us to deliver the industry’s leading content categorization and malicious detection services to our partners. And now, with the addition of phishing detection to the zveloAI network, we are able to monitor and identify phishing threats in real-time with unmatched speed, scale, and accuracy.

Ideal For Use In:

  • Web Filtering & Parental Controls
  • DNS Filtering & DNS RPZ
  • Email Filtering
  • Antivirus Software
  • Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Endpoint Security
  • Enterprise Network Administration
  • And Much More…
Powerful AI and Machine Learning

Human-Supervised Machine Learning

Powered by the industry’s most comprehensive human-annotated phishing dataset, custom machine learning models, and human validation—the zveloAI network continuously identifies threats not found on ANY OTHER phishing feed.


Continuous, Crowd-sourced Detections

New phishing URLs, campaigns, and webkits are constantly being identified from the clickstream traffic of over 650 million end users on the ActiveWeb. Every detection and identification contributes to improved protection for all!

AI Phishing Detection with Continuous Updates

Real-Time Updates For Maximum Protection

Newly identified phishing threats are immediately propagated to database deployments worldwide to provide maximum coverage and protection against emerging, zero-hour phishing threats.

The zveloDB URL Database Now Includes Industry-Leading AI-Powered Malicious AND Phishing Detection

Every day, zvelo’s AI-based detection system identifies hundreds of unique phishing URLs not found in other phishing feeds or services—making the zveloDB URL Database and the standalone PhishBlocklist, the market’s most effective and comprehensive source of phishing URLs and campaigns to protect users and brands.

Advanced Protection From Today’s Most Effective Phishing Threats

Unparalleled AI-Based Identification of Active and Zero-Day Phishing URLs and Campaigns

Phishing lures and attacks are growing increasingly effective and dangerous. While email remains the most common threat vector, the next generation of phishing attacks are being initiated via SMS/text/messaging apps (SMiShing), voice calls (Vishing), on social media platforms, through online advertisements, and more. Employees and users are vulnerable on a growing number of devices and apps. And as our digital lives—both personal and work-related—grow increasingly connected and mobile, bad actors continue to invest time and resources into improving the effectiveness of attacks.

Fortunately, the zveloAI phishing detection system and PhishBlocklist provide critical insight and intelligence into emerging phishing threats. Real-time detections can be used to protect users regardless of the device or network they’re connecting on. Here are just a few of the advantages and protections offered by improved AI-based phishing detection:

zvelo Phishing Protection
zveloAPI Phishing Detection
Email-Based Threats

Protect users from Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC)—two of the most significant threats facing businesses and consumers today. Mitigate risk and bolster defenses against unwanted intrusion and social engineering attacks initiated through email.

Credential Attacks

Phishing tactics and webkits continue to grow more sophisticated and effective every year. Bad actors use HTTPS encryption, internationalized domain names (IDNs), and more to deceive users into unwittingly handing over credentials, sensitive personal information, and even credit card information.

AI-Powered Phishing Protection
Threats Impersonating Top-Targeted Brands

PayPal, Wells Fargo, Facebook, and more. The familiarity of a well-known brand combined with a sense of urgency is often more than enough to deceive users into handing out access to their accounts. zveloAI identifies threats impersonating the top targeted brands.

AI-Powered Phishing Protection for Greater Security
Device-Agnostic Protection

Technology is getting smaller, more mobile, and increasingly capable. Regardless of device, web browser, or user access level—every user and every internet connection can be protected from emerging phishing URLs—including zero-day threats.


Introducing PhishBlocklist: AI-Powered Phishing Protection

PhishBlocklist delivers the industry’s most comprehensive and effective blocklist of phishing URLs, including zero-day and zero-hour threats. Leveraging human-supervised machine learning and crowd-sourced web traffic data from over half a billion endpoints worldwide—PhishBlocklist continuously detects and tracks millions of phishing URLs, including newly emerging threats not found on ANY other premium phishing blocklist.

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