Data Classification Services for Mobile Service Providers and Subscriber Analytics

The zvelo “Data-as-a-Service” model provides the semantic context of data to get the right information into the hands of the right people at the right time to make effective business decisions. zvelo can be invaluable in enriching any Data Analytics offering for subscriber analytics and other use cases.

Mobile Service Providers are constantly looking for ways to increase ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), reduce churn, manage and monetize Over-the-Top Applications for their subscriber bases.  zvelo content and contextual data services power subscriber analytics and Telecom Data as a Service (TDaaS) solutions that provide the tools by which Service Providers can address these challenges.

The zvelo contextual data services are content source agnostic, meaning data from web surfing, texting/SMS, application use, email or other sources can be processed and categorized to help a Big Data platform create behavior profiles for subscribers, perform sophisticated contextual targeting, apply predictive churn analysis or more, all designed to give a Mobile Service Providers subscriber insight and actionable intelligence.

zvelo has categorized 99.9% of the ActiveWeb into nearly 500 categories and supports over 200 languages, providing unrivaled coverage and intense granularity; and utilizes a combination of machine learning and human quality assurance to maintain high accuracy, coupled with real-time updates.

The zvelo “Data-as-a-Service” model provides the semantic context of data to get the right information into the hands of the right people at the right time to make effective business decisions. zvelo can be invaluable in enriching any Data Analytics offering.

Flexible Integration & Deployment Options

Flexible Deployments Options

zvelo’s data services can be accessed through simple, flexible APIs and can be deployed on everything from a Hadoop cluster, to a local server, to a PC or even through the zveloNET cloud or a third party cloud provider such as AWS.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing Options

The licensing model for Subscriber Analytics is “Subscriber Tier”-based and is designed to align with existing business models and provide flexibility for various customer use cases—whether that’s total subscribers or CPM-based.

Solutions for MSSPs

Managed Data Services

At zvelo, we are 100% partner-focused, working with ISPs, Telcos, network security vendors, and more to provide scalable data solutions and analytics on our AI-powered cloud network.

Gain Better Insight Into Your Network & User Behavior!

With over 99.9% coverage of the ActiveWeb, zvelo’s comprehensive understanding of web content and traffic helps—we help our partners to better understand their networks and user’s behavior. What can network data do for you?

Mobile Service Provider and Subscriber Analytics Use Cases

Understand Your Users’ Behavior & Create Subscriber Profiles

Whether the source of the data is web surfing, text/SMS, mobile app or social media usage or more, zvelo can support the creation of highly advanced subscriber profiles by Big Data Subscriber Analytics platforms. Based on the content and contextual insight provided by zvelo, sophisticated subscriber profiles may be inferred and created by Big Data vendors that provide Service Providers insight on subscriber interests, patterns, connections and more, as well as continuously updating the subscriber profiles as subscriber activities and interests change or evolve.

With support for nearly 500 categories across every major language and market, the zvelo data provides the most reach and granularity in the market, driving the most accurate and current subscriber profiles.

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Contextual Targeting & Programmatic Online Advertising

Service Providers are constantly looking for ways to increase ARPU and monetize their subscriber base and forward-thinking providers are eyeing Online Advertising as a way to dramatically move the needle on this key metric. While robust Subscriber Profiles provide the foundation, Contextual Online Ad Targeting provides the catalyst for rapidly transforming the revenue potential of a subscriber base.

Using the subscriber profiles, contextual interests can be inferred or extracted which may then be used for semantic targeting online advertising opportunities for subscribers, based on the websites they are surfing, apps they are using or their social media sites and connections. Plugging into the world of RTB (Real TIme Bidding) Programmatic online advertising opens up an entirely new and explosively growing market opportunity for Service Providers. Each RTB opportunity includes the target URL and using the zvelo data, the content of the URL can be matched to the interests of subscribers, allowing for immediate and highly accurate contextual targeting, generating significantly higher ad campaign performance.

Content Categorization Beyond the Domain—at the Full-Path Level

The context of a page or URL provides valuable insight into subscriber interest. By examining the content of a page, zvelo is able to determine the context, in turn providing a rich environment to buyers for reaching target prospects and to publishers for monetizing existing inventory.

The vision of matching creative with the context of the page, targeted at the right audience is here.

zveloCAT for Contextual Targeting
Subscriber Analytics

Predictive Analytics For Stability & Business Growth

Service Providers not only want to drive increases in ARPU, there is also incredible pressure to reduce churn. Having visibility to subscriber’s intent and interests can often be a clear indicator of churn. Being able to predict churn before it happens is critical to successfully reducing churn rates.

Big Data Subscriber Analytics vendors, using zvelo’s content and contextual data, can provide exactly the type of predictive analytics of churn that can make an impact. Knowing which subscribers are visiting the web pages or product review pages for competitive offerings or new products can alert sales teams for proactive subscriber retention, cross- or up-selling programs.

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