zvelo uses a proprietary website classification system to categorize web content as topic-based, objectionable, sensitive, or malicious & phishing threats.

zvelo collects, processes, and analyzes a continuous stream of URLs, representing the ActiveWeb traffic generated by its partner networks which service more than 600+ million end users globally. zvelo’s a proprietary AI-based URL classification engine delivers industry-leading accuracy and coverage in web content classification, as well as premium detections for objectionable, sensitive, malicious and phishing threats.

Using Keyword Density for Website Categorization

Manually classifying the content on a single web page takes but a few seconds to accomplish. Analyzing the keywords – words or phrases – used and the number of instances of each – keyword density – is one way to go about it. When needing to classify the content on billions of web pages at a time, however, the task becomes overwhelmingly daunting for any human eye to handle. In this scenario, only an automated content classification engine can succeed.