Information Security Use Cases – Web Filtering, Parental Controls

Information Security: Web Filtering | Parental Controls | Malicious Detection

As the proven market leader for content categorization and malicious detection for URLs, zvelo powers the network security market with web filtering, malicious website detection and parental control solutions. UTM, SaaS, gateway, router, WiFi and other network and endpoint security vendors with web filtering applications can leverage the speed of zvelo technology, the breadth and depth of coverage and the focus on excellent service and responsiveness.

Web Filtering:
At business, home and public WiFi hot spots, users, children, teens and families need protection from the darker side of the web. A true web filtering solution requires a URL database and content categorization service that can immediately detect and block porn, adult-themed, hate, predator, criminal and other extreme sites, as well as malicious or compromised sites in real-time.

The zveloDB® URL database and exclusive contextual categorization engine and malicious detection systems provide extensive coverage of these malicious and inappropriate websites. zvelo receives billions of URL queries for categorization, including the millions of new URLs and websites that come online each day. These capabilities can be licensed by web filtering vendors to allow for the immediate and effective web filtering and blocking of access to the websites that are used by predators and hackers to lure unsuspecting visitors. Additionally, the high granularity of nearly 500 categories enables web filtering vendors to offer exceptionally flexible custom category mapping for policy management.

How One SaaS Provider Uses zvelo


Parental Controls

zveloDB provides real-time, comprehensive detection and categorization of websites that enables excellent parental controls. zveloDB provides real-time detection and blocking of pornographic, adult, inappropriate and malicious websites in more than 20 languages with support for up to 200 languages. Additionally, the granularity of nearly 500 categories and the custom category mapping allows customers to develop their own access policies.

Additionally, zvelo works with a number of governmental, non-profit and third party organizations to promote and help sustain a safer Internet experience for everyone, no matter the network being utilized, including the Internet Watch Foundation to support the fight against online child sexual abuse content.

 Parental Controls Case Study


Malicious Website Detection
zvelo provides comprehensive, real-time malicious website detection services which are licensed by vendors within the network security markets to protect against web-based, desktop and mobile exploits and threats. Through its large customer base, zvelo has access to over 500 million end users who inform and update zveloDB.

Malicious detection is provided by zveloLABS™, a highly skilled team of software engineers, scientists, researchers, analysts and other professionals dedicated to the early detection and protection from malicious, compromised and infected websites. zveloLABS is focused on continuously enhancing the malicious website detection capabilities of the zvelo solution to combat the proliferation of malware, viruses, exploits and other web threats.

In addition to developing its own proprietary malicious website detection capabilities, zveloLABS has malicious and signature sharing relationships with a wide range of third party security and anti-malware organizations to ensure the highest level of detection of threats ranging from botnets, malware distribution points, and compromised sites, to sites being used for phishing, fraud, and spam.

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