Cybersecurity Professional Services

zvelo’s Cybersecurity Experts Help You Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Powered by zvelo’s vast network of threat intelligence data and sophisticated AI platform, our Cybersecurity Professional Services Team brings deep strategic, operational and tactical expertise to help you identify and close security gaps within your organization through a range of services including malware analysis, external threat hunting, brand vulnerability assessments, and more.

Our expert-level team will work closely with your organization to assess and prioritize your cybersecurity needs, and then guide you in implementing a comprehensive, layered defense system to protect your most valuable assets — before, during, or after an attack.  From Malware Analysis, to External Threat Hunting, to Brand Vulnerability Assessments, and more, zvelo’s Cybersecurity Professional Services experts can support your needs — large, small, short-term, long-term, and everything in between.

  • Identify and Close Security Gaps to Minimize Your Exposures and Vulnerabilities
  • Develop a Comprehensive, Layered Defense
  • Discover Threats and Indicators of Compromise (IOC) Specific to Your Environment Faster
  • Build and Implement Critical Incident Response (IR) Plans
  • Gain Visibility into the Complex Ecosystem of the Attack Surface
  • Protect Your Environment from Future Cyber Attacks
  • Support Cybersecurity Analysis and Integration into Your Environment
  • Leverage zvelo’s Superior Quality Curated Cyber Threat Intelligence
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Get Threat Help

Get Help Now For Malware, Phishing, or Other Active Threats Against Your Organization!

Whether you’re just observing suspicious activity in the network, or you’ve discovered that your network has been breached and actively under attack, our team can help you quickly assess the situation to recommend next steps and follow up actions to secure the network and protect end points and users from active or potential threats.

Threat Research & Analysis

Malware Analysis

Protect Your Environment Against Future Attacks

zvelo’s cybersecurity professional services team includes Malware experts who will thoroughly investigate your environment to discover hidden attackers actively working to exploit your network, identify latent infections and analyze the captured payload.  Malware analysis allows you to quickly determine if a suspected file has malicious intent in its capabilities and then follow up with detailed information on how to further protect your environment. This is done either as a proactive measure to protect the network or as part of an incident to identify indicators of compromise.

  • Identify Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and malicious threats specific to your organization’s Cyber Operating Environment (COE) — Industry, geography, specific adversaries, etc.
  • Receive expert guidance on developing appropriate Incident Response (IR) plans, and follow up actions to secure your network, minimize vulnerabilities and prevent against future attacks.
  • Identify the scope of the incident along with the containment and remediation phases of an incident.
Malicious Detection for Blocking and Threat Research

External Threat Hunting

Understand and Mitigate Your Cyber Risks

zvelo’s Cybersecurity Professional Services team takes an intelligence-driven approach to deliver an extensive analysis of your organization’s exposed assets through external sleuthing which will provide a comprehensive understanding of your unique attack surface from an adversarial point of view.  External Threat Hunting can help you to know your digital risks and understand the incidents, indicators, tools, infrastructure or Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) of your adversaries relative to how they may be relevant to your specific Cyber Operating Environment (COE).

  • Learn how an adversary sees you to identify the threats or exposures you don’t know about yet
  • Identify and contain emerging threats in the earliest stages before they escalate and result in security breaches.
  • Understand the full context of potential threats with key metadata points that map to the threat signals in your environment.
  • Leverage the external threat hunting services in lieu of pen testing to identify your weaknesses and vulnerabilities so they may be fixed.
Brand Vulnerability Assessment

Brand Vulnerability Assessment

Prevent Attacks on Your Brand

Understand the threat posture towards your brand with Brand Vulnerability Assessments.  zvelo’s team will deliver a comprehensive review of your brand and provide a complete exposure assessment report detailing your brand’s greatest risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Set up monitoring to mitigate and manage any exposures or vulnerabilities which leave your brand at risk of an attack.
  • Identify and contain threats to your brand before they escalate.
  • Minimize your digital exposures and vulnerabilities.
  • Leverage the BVA report for M&A research to fully understand potential liabilities, threat risks and exposures that come with brand or company acquisitions.
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