Bad Rabbit Season Ransomware

It’s Bad Rabbit Season: How to Prevent & Mitigate Ransomware Attacks

Like rabbits, ransomware seems to multiply at a prodigious rate.  The newest strain causing widespread damage dubbed Bad Rabbit, due to the TOR hidden service it directs victims to visit, appears to be based on the Petya ransomware and its’ variants, according to Cisco Talos. The campaign seems to have largely targeted Russia and Eastern Europe.

Top Four Tips to Mitigate Ransomware Attacks Like Petya

by Eric Watkins, Senior Malicious Detection Researcher at zvelo Ransomware and malware attacks are not going to go away anytime soon, rather they are becoming increasingly more common. Last month we wrote about the malware ransomware campaign, WannaCry and now we’ll discuss yesterday’s ransomware campaign Petya which exploits another one of the many vulnerabilities released…

Top 4 Takeaways for Guarding Against Ransomware Attacks After WannaCry

By Eric Watkins, Senior Malicious Detection Researcher at zvelo Earlier this month WannaCry was named the world’s biggest cyberattack which hit at over 150 countries and infected over 300,000 machines across hospitals, universities, manufacturers, government agencies and other important centers. This nasty ransomware encrypted files on a victim’s hard drive and then popped up a…