Advanced threat and exploit detection is critical to cybersecurity and network defense. zvelo’s Malicious Detection capabilities empower MSSPs, ISPs, TELCOs, network security providers, and VARs to provide world-class protection. Gain advanced insight with the most accurate URL database for malicious exploit detection to better understand the cyber threat landscape. Categories include Command and Control, Malware, Spyware, Spam URLs, Cryptocurrency Mining, Phishing and Fraud, and more.  Read more about malicious detection.

Malicious Detection

Malicious Detection in Depth

Today’s threat actors are masters of evasion, constantly developing new versions of malware to outmaneuver cyber defenders and forging new paths to expand the threat landscape. As global cybercrime continues to escalate and plague both organizations and individuals, becoming the target of a cyber attack at one point or another is no longer a question…