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zveloDB is the market leading content categorization and malicious URL detection solution from zvelo that powers the network security and service provider analytics market. zveloDB is highly scalable, extremely accurate, exceptionally fast, very granular, highly comprehensive and super flexible.

• Comprehensive: zvelo processes nearly 4 trillion queries per month and has categorized over 99.99% of the Active web, providing unrivalled coverage.
• Accurate: zvelo uses a combination of machine learning and human quality assurance to maintain high accuracy, and it is updated in real-time.
• Fast: zvelo makes a decision in 5 microseconds or less by using a local SDK, supplemented by cloud updates of uncategorized urls.
• Granular: zvelo categorizes in nearly 500 different categories, in nearly two dozen languages while supporting over 200 languages
• Flexible: zvelo categories are flexible, allowing them to be mapped to custom taxonomies

zveloDB is available in an easy-to-integrate API, with both local SDK and cloud-based deployment. It is priced on a flexible basis, designed to mirror a vendor’s business model including user-based, appliance model-based, bandwidth-based and others.

The product provides exclusive “category mapping” technology that enables vendors to seamlessly migrate from an existing web filtering vendor to zveloDB, while retaining the category sets familiar to their end users for policies and reporting. Whether “on-disk” or cloud-based, zveloDB provides network and endpoint security vendors with the foundation for comprehensive web filtering and policy management solutions.

Deployment of zveloDB

The zvelo “Data as a Service” offerings are accessed through modern APIs with both cloud and local deployment options, able to support massive query volumes and microsecond look up speeds. The zveloNET cloud API provides simple and quick integration across virtually any platform or O/S and you can be operational in minutes.

The zveloNET Cloud API implementation is ideal for flash-based appliances, endpoint security, PCs, mobile devices and other deployments with limited or no hard-drive capacity. The zveloNET Cloud API is accessed using encoded DNS messages allowing implementations with any language which supports DNS.

The local, on-disk zveloDB SDK implementation is for servers running within customer data centers, where the customer acts as the “cloud” or where the customer’s application requires significant URL query volumes, fast look up performance and scalability. The zveloDB SDK may also be deployed on servers or appliances running at a customer’s location. The zveloDB SDK is delivered as a C library with built-in interfaces to Perl, Python, PHP and Java. A SWIG configuration file is also provided allowing customers to build a custom wrapper for any SWIG compatible language.

Sample source code is provided for both implementation methods.

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