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zveloDP™ | Providing the Web Page and Device Categorization Data You Need.
Faster. More Accurately.

zveloDP is a suite of datasets that includes any/all of the following: Content, Malicious, Objectionable, Invalid Traffic (IVT), Comprehensive Page-level Traffic (CPT).

zveloDP is an open, scalable, DaaS platform providing page/URL, traffic and device categorization (including malicious and profiling datasets). Specific datasets are delivered through web-based queries or multiple data streams/feeds. This offers the broadest integration support for a wide range of deployment scenarios, including real-time applications where microsecond-to-millisecond response times are critical to off-line/batch processing of billions of records.

  • Utilizes zvelo’s core AI, data and machine learning infrastructure.
  • Open and scalable data as a service (DaaS) platform for the Network Security, Ad Tech and Mobile Service Provider/Subscriber Analytics industries.
  • Committed to excellence in accuracy, high coverage and industry-leading service.

Why zvelo Data Platform?

Forward Looking Infrastructure
Easy to implement, secure, global, cost effective and constantly improving. zvelo built this platform for the long haul.

Seriously Powerful Data
Gain stronger intelligence and build better products by tapping into big data to find context and answers faster.

Threat Identification Before Impact

  • Identify and isolate threats and fraud before they infiltrate your ecosystem.
  • Simple to implement and access query/streaming APIs/SDKs.
  • A la carte data subscription model – license only the datasets you need.


A wide variety of reporting options catered to each specific data set and use case; from dashboard insights to batch file reporting and more.


Easy to implement and access query/streaming APIs/SDKs, the zveloAPI is accessible over Secure RESTful Web Services and Data Streams allowing businesses to leverage existing development expertise in the environment and language of their choice.

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zvelo provide the web page and device categorization data you need.
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