Advanced data services for mobile service providers and subscriber analytics. The data-as-a-service model offers OEMs and companies a way to access data safely. Data analytics helps enterprises and business make effective decisions and support customer needs through analysis of user behavior. It also supports contextual targeting for mobile device advertising.

Google Wallet Security: Rooted Device Vulnerabilities…

Much has been said in the last few days about the security of the Android platform in general and Google Wallet specifically. One frequent question that has been asked of the Google Wallet PIN vulnerability we found is “should the average consumer be concerned about mobile device exploits that require root privileges?” The unfortunate answer is “yes.” The reason is that while it is true that this PIN vulnerability requires root privileges to succeed, it does not require that the device be rooted previously.

A Look Into Apple’s Geo-Location Tracking

The past weeks have been rife with accusations of privacy infringement against Apple for covertly collecting geo-location information from iPods, iPhones and iPads. Although the collecting of private information by mobile phone manufacturers and 3rd party apps is nothing new, the manner in which Apple stores its data has resulted in criticism from end-users and security experts alike.