EU Increases Pressure to Combat Terrorism Content Online

EU Increases Pressure to Combat Terrorism Content Online

Last week, we announced that we will be extending zveloDB™ URL categorization support to include eight (8) new categories. The new categories represent a number of emergent topics and threats including Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency Mining, Fake News, Terrorism, and more. These topics have a significant—and growing—presence online and we’re excited about how these new categories will empower our OEM partners to provide a safer and more usable internet for their customers.

The European Commission Ups the Ante Against Terrorism-Linked Content

Following our Wednesday announcement, on Thursday the European Commission issued new guidelines for stricter measures against terrorism-related content online. The EU’s guidelines call for tech companies—like Google, Facebook, and Twitter—to remove terrorist content within one hour of it being flagged by law enforcement or Europol. Pointing out that “terrorist content is particularly harmful in the first hours of its appearance online,” these new guidelines put increased pressure on large tech firms to lend a helping hand and join in the fight to support anti-terrorism efforts.
In the release, the EU calls for “faster proactive detection,” stating that “proactive measures, including automated detection, are needed to effectively and swiftly detect, identify and expeditiously remove or disable terrorist content and stop it from reappearing once it has been removed.”

You can read the EU’s full release at:

Providing Rapid, Real-Time Detection of Terrorism-Related Content

zvelo’s new Terrorism category will provide improved insight and rapid detection for this type of illegal content. Combined with zvelo Instant Protection (zIP) updates, zveloDB URL Categorization will empower our OEM partners to effectively block access and prevent the spread of this insidious content.

zvelo Instant Protection (zIP) delivers near real-time updates on important category changes to all deployed zveloDB SDK instances. This includes new categorizations for malicious and objectionable URLs like terrorism—as soon as it’s identified.

Read more about zvelo Instant Protection at:

Final Thoughts

At zvelo, our mission is to help make the web safer and more secure and we wholeheartedly support the EU’s directive for the early detection and removal of terrorist content.

For more information on zvelo’s new category announcement, read the full press release.