zvelo now provides Cloud and Local Integration Options for Ultra-fast and Secure Access to Content and Device Datasets with zveloAPI™

zvelo Unveils zveloAPI™  to Power High-speed Access to Datasets

zvelo, the leading provider of website and device categorization, unveils zveloAPI™, an ultra-fast, secure API, for accessing the zveloDP datasets through cloud-based queries and streaming data feeds. zveloAPI@300x

zveloAPI was designed to support a broad range of integration and deployment requirements, including:

  • Cloud-based queries of any of the zveloDP datasets – ideal for mobile devices with limited storage resources, such as web filtering or parental controls on tablets or mobile phones.
  • Streaming data feed for any or all zveloDB datasets – ideal for advanced enterprise, ad tech or subscriber analytics applications where capacity exists to consume terabytes of data generated by zvelo’s content and device categorization services and who require ingestion of the datasets into existing databases and systems, thereby eliminating any latency on lookups.
  • Content Agnostic – enabled for the submission of both URLs as well as unstructured content such as document text, tweets, SMS, etc.

The zveloAPI is accessible over Secure RESTful Web Services and Data Streams. This allows customers to leverage existing development expertise in the environment and language of their choice. The zveloAPI also provides complete and seamless compatibility for existing zveloDB and zveloDB SDK deployments.

You can read the full press announcement here: https://zvelo.com/press-releases/zvelo-unveils-api-for-high-speed-dataset-access/