SpotX Offers Transparency and Inventory Assurance with Support for IAB’s ads.txt and zvelo for Anti-fraud Monitoring

SpotX Announces Support for IAB’s ads.txt to Verify Seller Credentials

Leverages zvelo for anti-fraud monitoring as a key authentication vendor to offer transparency and inventory assurance for buyers.

Video ad serving platform SpotX has been aggressively taking steps to ensure all inventory available to buyers via its platform is sourced directly from owned-and-operated publishers or authorized premium video resellers with the rights to monetize inventory.

SpotX’s CTO J. Allen Dove was a part of the founding committee for ads.txt, the first version of which was released to the industry on June 27. “SpotX employs a variety of methods and technologies to actively remove unauthorized traffic and to ensure buyers are accessing high-quality, brand safe inventory”, according to Dove. “Ads.txt is one more tool in our fight against fraud in video advertising and we are working very closely with our publishers to ensure SpotX is appropriately listed as an authorized platform.”

*****This excerpt is taken from a press release by SpotX that appears on SpotX’s website and was originally published on September 11, 2017.SpotX-BLOG-small-square

MailOnline, Microsoft Casual Games, Monumetric, Newsweek Media Group, Rolling Stone, and are among the publishers that have already implemented ads.txt and added SpotX to their file. SpotX also anticipates that buyers will eventually move to only buying inventory that adheres to the ads.txt initiative.

SpotX has always valued and pushed transparency and inventory assurance for buyers. In addition to the support and deployment of the new ads.txt protocol, SpotX also provides:

  • A dedicated brand safety team: heavy investments in both technology and manpower to address brand safety issues.
  • Anti-fraud monitoring: Partnerships with key authentication vendors like DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, Meetrics, SimilarWeb and Zvelo. Every impression that runs through SpotX’s platform is verified on a pre-bid basis.
  • TAG Certified Against Fraud Seal: We’re certified under the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) anti-fraud seal.


Read the full press release from SpotX.