Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think and act like humans. zvelo uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with Machine Learning (ML) to identify malicious websites, phishing URLs, malware distribution infrastructure, and web content categorization.

AI as a Service

zvelo Signs Contract with First AI as a Service Customer

We’re pleased to announce this week that zvelo has signed a multi-million dollar, multi-year AI as a Service contract.  The AIaaS platform will implement custom AI solutions that utilize and leverage zveloDP’s extensive datasets, as well as zvelo’s Datafication services, to generate new and innovative services and datasets which complement those already offered by zvelo.

Content Categorization Using Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Content Categorization Using Distributed Artificial Intelligence – Q&A with a zvelo’s Chief AI Scientist The technology company known for categorizing the web, zvelo, has found many applications for artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this brief question and answer session with its Artificial Intelligence Chief Scientist, Dr. Ignacio Giraldez, discover how zvelo uses artificial intelligence,…