Are Rogue IoT Devices Compromising Your Networks and Security?

Losing Ground in the Battle For IoT Security? Need Better Oversight of Devices On Your Networks?

Even as the number of web-connected devices races toward 34 billion in 2020, the vast majority of gadgets still have little or no security features in place—leaving them ripe for the picking by any bad actor with some hacking skills and an agenda. These vulnerabilities are particularly threatening given the personal nature of many IoT devices. If compromised, devices such as keyless locks, light switches, IP cameras, or industrial monitors can allow hackers to surveil our lives or enlist our devices for ransomware, cryptojacking, or in malicious botnets for widespread DDoS attacks.

The hard fact is… System Administrators, IT teams, and consumers simply cannot oversee all of the activities and web connections of every device 24/7. Most don’t even have the proper tools to detect and recognize all of the devices that connect to their network. Traditional approaches require a security application or antivirus (AV) client be installed on each connected device. However, many Internet of Things devices don’t even have a user interface (UI) or other means of installing additional software—let alone the hardware capacity. This makes it virtually impossible to properly identify and track all devices and their behavior.

Internet of Things Security | For Device Manufacturers
Device Identification - AI Powered Cloud Network

Powered by the Leading AI-Based Profiling & Anomaly Detection Engine

Award-Winning AI-Based Technology for Device Profiling and Behavioral Anomaly Detection

zvelo’s IoT Security offering leverages over a decade of expertise in developing leading AI-based categorization and malicious detection services to provide the market’s most accurate and comprehensive profiling and anomaly detection for IoT and web-connected devices. zvelo’s leadership in web categorization has enabled the creation of a massive database of trusted sites and known malicious sites, which zvelo’s behavioral anomaly detection services utilize in determining which devices are interacting and communicating with the appropriate trusted sites and which devices are in communications with malicious sites.

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Introducing Agentless & Hassle-Free IoT Security

Easy-To-Integrate. No Hardware Required.

zvelo’s agentless, lightweight approach eliminates the need to manually install and manage AV and other clients on each and every device on your network. It’s one thing when you have to install and manage AV software on your PC, more challenging to find something effective for your mobile phone and logistically and practically impossible to do so on every device that connects to your network. Setting aside trying to even keep track of the devices or figuring out how you are going to get a ladder to climb up to the “smart” lightbulb or camera, most IoT devices don’t even have a user interface (UI) or other means of installing some type of security software (assuming you could even find any such software). With zvelo’s IoT solution, you simply use your existing router or gateway and zvelo does the rest—identifies devices connecting your network, tells you what they are, and immediately alerts you to any threats posed by the devices or when a device is misbehaving. Saves you time, money, hassle—and you don’t have to climb any ladders!

ai-powered zvelo cloud security analysis

Protect Your Networks with AI-Powered Anomaly Threat Detection and Analysis

zvelo’s AI-based Behavioral Anomaly Detection (B.A.D.) leverages our knowledge of botnets, malware and phishing sites, command & control servers, and other identified malicious sources—allowing you to be immediately alerted to any vulnerable or misbehaving IoT devices.

What Devices Are On Your Network?

Agentless Device Discovery, Identification, & Profiling

Agentless Device Visibility & Detection
Gain visibility of ALL connected devices and behavior via intelligent device detection at the network level. Our software-based sensor running on your router identifies and profiles all devices—letting you know device type, brand, OS, and other characteristics.

What Devices are Vulnerable or Hacked?

Behavioral Anomaly Detection Powered By the zveloAI Cloud

Behavioral Anomaly Detection | Threat Analysis for IoT Devices
By using advanced Behavioral Anomaly Detection and leveraging zvelo’s vast collection of malicious, phishing, botnet, and other sources, the zveloAI Cloud is able to immediately detect devices with vulnerabilities—that have been hacked or which pose a threat to your network.

SysAdmins Overwhelmed With Notifications?

Comprehensive Device Trust Scoring & Automation

Device Security, Custom Rulesets, Automation & Notification
The zveloAI Cloud continuously analyzes events and behaviors—returning a zSCORE™—a trust score for each device based on trustworthiness, vulnerabilities, and reputation—and enabling you to build advanced rulesets for policy management and automation.

Secure Your Position As A Leader in IoT Security

Gain Complete Visibility Into All Devices On Your Network!

The combined lack of awareness amongst device owners, sophistication of hackers, and the explosive growth of unsecured devices creates a security gap of massive proportions—and one that only the most advanced and scalable solutions can address. AI-powered device identification and anomaly detection solutions such as zvelo’s provide you with a fighting chance to gain control over your network and mitigate/eliminate the security threats. The zvelo IoT Security Platform provides router and gateway vendors with the technology to achieve 100% visibility of network-connected devices and the threats they pose. Improve security, gain peace of mind, and protect your customer’s networks AND their devices from online threats.

Agentless Device Detection | zvelo IoT Security Technology
Agentless IoT Discovery & Identification

Our lightweight, agentless, and hardware-agnostic software sensor is designed for integration on routers, UTM and gateways—simple, easy-to-install and provides immediate device discovery and profiling.

IoT & BYOD Security | No Hardware Required
No New or Additional Hardware Required

The zvelo IoT Security Platform uses an “agentless” software-based sensor—eliminating the logistical and deployment hassles related to traditional hardware or client-based antivirus and protection approaches.

Leading Profiling Accuracy

It should come as no surprise that the market’s most accurate categorization provider delivers the most accurate device profiling, with device make, model, type, OS and other device attributes, allowing you complete visibility to what’s connecting to your network.

Intelligent Device Profiling & Behavioral Anomaly Detection
Advanced Behavioral Anomaly Detection

With continuous, real-time behavioral anomaly detection—the zveloAI Cloud leverages machine learning and zvelo’s massive database of malicious, botnet, phishing and other sources to perform a continuous analysis of device behaviors and immediately detect and alert to vulnerable or hacked devices and threats to your network.

Behavioral Anomaly Detection | Threat Analysis for IoT Devices
Comprehensive Device Trust Scoring

Every device receives a comprehensive weighted trust score (zSCORE) based on trustworthiness, vulnerability potential, and reputation. The score is continuously updated as new device data, traffic, and events are received.

Smart Routers and IoT Security
Detect Vulnerable or Compromised Devices

Identifying vulnerable, hacked, or compromised devices before they become a problem enables you to take corrective action and isolate affected devices to prevent malicious exploits or data leaks.

Device Security, Automated Rulesets, Automation & Notification
Automate With Custom Rulesets & Enforcement Policies

Leverage device trust scores, events, and triggers provided by zvelo to augment your systems and implement advanced rulesets and enforcement policies—all based on your security capabilities and product requirements.

Flexible Deployment Options, Cloud Support, & APIs

Deploy on the network-level or upload directly to the zveloAI Cloud via RESTful API to submit network and traffic data for advanced device identification and profiling, AI-powered behavioral anomaly detection, and data analysis.

Partner Benefits & Advantages

zvelo is 100% OEM—working with router/gateway vendors, ISPs, MSSPs, and other OEMs who integrate our IoT Security Platform and other data services to create unique and innovative solutions for their markets. Our zveloAI Cloud infrastructure is built on AWS and Kubernetes, enabling nearly limitless scalability for a wide variety of partner solutions and implementations. zvelo is trusted by some of the market’s leading security and antivirus vendors for their web filtering, parental controls, DNS filtering and similar solutions. zvelo is extending is market leadership in categorization and malicious detection to the IoT market to help partners gain a competitive advantage and become positioned as leaders in the IoT security space.

Here are just a few of the advantages of partnering with zvelo…

IoT Device Security Technology for Router & Gateway Manufacturers
Get Recognized As An Industry Leader in IoT Security

Add industry-leading IoT device security to your existing product or portfolio. Gain a competitive advantage and attract new customers by leveraging zvelo’s market’s leadership in categorization, device profiling, malicious, and anomaly detection.

zvelo Partner Benefits | Accelerated Time To Market & Profitability
Accelerate Your Time To Market & Profitability

Significantly reduce the amount of time and resources required to launch your IoT or other security offering. Take your product or service to market and achieve profitability faster with zvelo’s managed and scalable platform.

zveloAPI big data analytics
Advanced Insight Into User Behavior With Data Analytics

Enhance your product development, marketing strategies, and analytics capabilities with data intelligence from a comprehensive and crowd-sourced understanding of user behavior, device traffic, and security vulnerabilities.

OEM Partner Benefits | White Glove Service & Support
“White Glove” Service & Support

zvelo’s has established a reputation as the most accurate, best performing and most responsive partner that our customers will ever experience.

Alert Fatigue? Give Your SysAdmins A Break!

Over the next decade IoT growth is expected to grow tenfold. Network operators and system administrators simply can’t keep up with monitoring and responding to every device on on your networks. Gain the upper-hand and take back control with advanced device profiling and threat detection designed to help you automate tasks and bolster security. Save your ladder climbing for the corporate world—not IoT Security.

Maximum Flexibility for Router Manufacturers & Their Customers

Deployment Options and APIs for Maximum Flexibility

Architected for advanced flexibility and customization, the zvelo IoT Security Platform provides the foundation and building blocks to bolster your device security capabilities. We have designed both a lightweight, hardware-agnostic software sensor—along with our modular, service-oriented cloud architecture and APIs to support virtually any existing infrastructure needs our partner’s may have.

Agentless Device Discovery on the Network

For Router & Gateway Vendors, ISPs, and Telco’s

Designed to be installed on a router, gateway, cable box, or UTM, the zvelo sensor (zENSOR) is an easy to install software sensor that immediately starts providing data to the zveloAI Cloud for device profiling and to detect vulnerable and hacked devices.


Advanced Threat Detection

AI Cloud-Based Anomaly Detection

The zveloAI Cloud processes tens of billions of web domains, pages, IPs, and traffic interactions—crunching and modeling the data to generate a complex understanding of device behaviors. Through machine learning and AI, the zveloAI Cloud identifies anomalous and malicious behaviors for vulnerable and hacked devices.

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