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Clear Message Being Delivered to AdTech… Adapt or Die.

Clear Message Being Delivered to AdTech… Adapt or Die.

Adtech Industry Extinction

Will AdTech continue it’s self-destructive path and run itself into the ground?

Some would say the AdTech industry appears to be intent on gradually destroying itself. The acceleration of consumer ad blocking and uncertainty around viewability and fraud are symptomatic of serious issues challenging the ad ecosystem. Is there a path to an efficient market where good performance is rewarded? Can it step up and create stronger experiences for users while providing better monetization for publishers?

The worst-case scenario, what if they don’t fix it and everyone installs ad blockers? Will the market dry up? Will we go back to the world of product placement and everyone sees the same ad? Maybe we move into a world where everybody pays for content and micropayments save the day, and we subscribe in very bite-sized ways to premium content.  Will advertising just become really expensive? Or, maybe it will become a world where Facebook and Google become so dominant that it is a completely different market dominated by the duopoly.


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