zvelo IoT CyberSecurity Monitors Network Devices in MSSP Alert

zvelo beta tests Internet of Things security solution that leverages software-based sensors. zvelo CEO Jeff Finn explains how the assessment system works.

*****The following article, by DH Kass, appears in MSSP Alert‘s web site and was originally published on June 16, 2017.

Zvelo is beta testing an IoT Security solution, a software-based sensor that discovers network-attached devices, profiles them and tags compromised units. Think of it as an elaborate, sophisticated hall monitor that knows how you behave, spots and reports abnormalities, takes your thumbprint and then scores you for trustworthiness.DSSPAlert-graphic-small-square

The privately-held, Greenwood Village, Colorado-based company specializes in content categorization and malicious data services for web pages, devices and traffic.

It new solution, meant to integrate into an OEM model with wireless routers, SMB-to-enterprise level gateway routers, or UTM appliances, can recognize existing IoT and BYOD devices on a network or new ones joining without any prior information.

That’s cool but taken alone, while valuable, isn’t new or unique. Nor is the continuous monitoring its solution offers or that it creates a device profile to ascertain behavioral changes that may indicate a compromised thing.

Zvelo: What’s New?

What’s different, according to Zvelo, is that its service inspects all seven layers of a network-connected device’s open systems interconnection (OSI) model, recognizes communications functions the device performs and establishes a fingerprint for identification.

It’s that distinction that enables Zvelo to detect anomalous traffic and behavior at a deeper and more detailed level than prior technologies, the company claims.

“The explosion of IoT devices has thus far outpaced effective security practices to keep them from being too easily compromised,” said Jeff Finn, Zvelo CEO.

“Thoroughly understanding each device’s normal and abnormal traffic and behavior and by enabling network security vendors to address targeted devices before harm is done,” is how he describes the company’s technology.

This is how Zvelo’s assessment system works: It collects signals and threat intelligence from devices and sends them to the ZveloNET cloud for analysis. It then flags any detected anomalies and provides a zSCORE of the trustworthiness for each device, essentially an assessment of potential risk based on the device’s current behavior. Read more of this article about zvelo IoT Security.