Companies creating in-house ad tech trading desks find the need for more partnership clarity.

Companies That are Creating In-house Ad Tech Trading Desks Find the Need for More Partnership Clarity

A recent article in AdAge points out that as more marketers embrace highly sophisticated digital media buying technology, many are discovering the need to build their own partnerships and systems to do it. Even the three biggest global ad spenders—Procter & Gamble Co., Unilever and L’Oréal—either have developed or are developing new proprietary technology systems. And, while they are working hard to gain efficiency by controlling more of their own ad tech, a level of complexity has now been introduced that has the potential to make these new in-house trading desks rivals with their existing partners.


zveloSHIELD, the ad tech industry’s only real-time, dual-decisioning, botnet and ad fraud detection solution.

Enter zvelo, a company that plays a pivotal role in this ecosystem with zveloSHIELD™. zveloSHIELD™ takes real-time analysis into non-human traffic (NHT) and combines it with award-winning malicious protection used by over 500 million users globally. This is a real-time, dual-decisioning ad fraud prevention and botnet detection system that attacks the problem from two distinct directions; user traffic flow and URL, page level detection. The result provides an unparalleled level of granularity and it illuminates valuable campaign insights which are accessible through detailed and transparent reporting.

The level of detail that zveloSHIELD™ provides is significant because it is vital that companies are able to react to the ever-evolving nature of bot and malicious traffic, and to block it effectively. Maybe more importantly, is the need to identify and adapt to not just the bot traffic, but also the malicious sites where bot, non-human (NHT), low-quality human traffic (LQT) or other fraudulent activities occur. Without this capability, a company stands to squander away a huge part of their budget to fraudsters and cyber criminals.

Realistically, no programmatic trading operation can be truly in-house, no matter how large the company.  Agencies and partners still have to be involved in some way, be it planning the media strategy, negotiating parameters of private exchanges with media companies or managing trading on platforms owned and overseen by marketers. Inventory management and protection is just one of the many facets in this complex equation, and zvelo continues to be committed to helping it’s partners identify the threats that may damage to their companies and the brands they serve.

You can find out more about zveloSHIELD here.