Online advertising has become a central part of our digital lives. Advertising publishers and platforms supply billions of ads every day. Ensuring that ads served are contextually accurate and brand safe for the target audience is critical to a safe and secure internet.

Full Path URL Categorization and Content Distribution Networks (CDNs)

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes By Eric Watkins, Senior Malicious Detection Researcher at zvelo Earlier this month, I came across a use case that capitalizes on the value of full path content categorization. Before discussing this use case in detail, let’s go over the definition of a content distribution network (CDN) and also highlight a few key strengths of full…

Oath (AOL) Partners with zvelo to Drive Brand Safety Across Video Player

Estimated Reading Time: < 1 minute zvelo, the leading provider of website and device categorization is partnering with ONE by AOL – an Oath brand to drive brand safety for clients and partners who use its video activation player to stream digital video content and ads. “Brand safety in video requires a different approach than desktop and mobile.  We’ve found there’s significant value…


MarTech Today: zvelo releases Bot Detection Service

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes zvelo Releases The Most Comprehensive Bot Detection Service For Web Traffic Quality Reporting & Ad Tech Platforms The new service from the Denver-area detector of malicious data can show percentages of non-human traffic to ads or sites. *****The following article, by Barry Levine,  appears within MarTech Today’s web site and was originally published on January 23,…


Understanding the Fake News Problem: Challenges with Identification and Categorization

Understanding the Fake News Problem: Challenges with Classification

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes With the recent, polarizing U.S. Presidential election, the topic of fake news has come up often. The national conversation about it is usually centered around two topics:  how much it has influenced and continues to influence the political opinions of Americans who frequent social media, and how something needs to be done to better identify and filter it out.

zvelo Signs Contract with Fast-Growing Demand Side Platform

Estimated Reading Time: < 1 minute We’re excited to announce that a fast-growing DSP has signed a contract to integrate zvelo content, objectionable, malicious and IVT datasets to strengthen Brand Safety. The company will use these datasets to improve ad targeting, strengthen the their brand safety offering and help to eliminate ad fraud in their programmatic buying platform.


zvelo Launches Data as a Service Platform, zveloDP™ and API

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes zvelo, the leading provider of website and device categorization, today announced the launch of zveloDP – an open, scalable, Data as a Service (“Daas”) platform which provides access to page-level, traffic and device categorization (including malicious and profiling) datasets through easy-to-implement APIs.