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10/19/10: zvelo Demand Driving Growth in Hiring

Secure web filtering leader recruiting in US and Philippines Greenwood Village, Colo. – October 19, 2010 – zvelo, Inc., a leader in secure web filtering database, website categorization and reputation services announced today that the company foresees significant growth and that it will be hiring engineers, database and operations specialists in the United States, specifically…


10/05/10: zvelo’s SiteFilter™ OEM Program Draws 60 Partners

zvelo web filtering technology continues strong growth and reaches milestone Greenwood Village, Colo. – October 5, 2010 – zvelo, Inc., a leader in secure web filtering, announced today it has achieved 60 SiteFilter OEM partners. These OEM partners include end-point security and anti-virus vendors, UTM and network security vendors, ISPs, MSSPs and mobile phone providers,…