zvelo and our partners help protect hundreds of millions of end users while browsing online. Providing security, web filtering, and parental controls is integral to zvelo’s core mission. Learn more about the company and how we’re working with partners and the community to improve the internet for all.

ECD Nominates zvelo IoT as 2018 Top Innovator

Last year, zvelo announced our IoT Security Platform—providing router and gateway manufacturers with a fully managed solution to improve security for IoT, BYOD, and other devices across the network. Powered by the same zveloAI cloud network that leads the industry in web content categorization and malicious detection engines—the zvelo IoT Security Platform leverages machine learning to perform agentless and hardware agnostic device identification and behavioral anomaly detection.


zveloDB URL Database Categories Expanded: Terrorism, Fake News, & More..

zvelo, the leading provider of categorization and malicious detection data services for web content, traffic, and connected devices, today announced significant and timely category additions to its comprehensive URL categorization database. zveloDB now offers OEM partners, network security vendors, and brands new and enhanced support for several emerging categories, including terrorism, cryptocurrency, blockchain, fake news, new malicious threat categories, and new objectionable categories.


zvelo Proudly Supports NKOO Orphange in Philippines

On January 18, members of zvelo Inc. Philippines team spent the day at Nayon ng Kabataan in Mandaluyong City—a haven for abused, orphaned, and exploited children in the Philippines. The Nayon ng Kabataan Orphanage, or commonly referred to as NKOO, is a residential facility founded in 1968 by the Philippines Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).