zvelo and our partners help protect hundreds of millions of end users while browsing online. Providing security, web filtering, and parental controls is integral to zvelo’s core mission. Learn more about the company and how we’re working with partners and the community to improve the internet for all.

zvelo Launches Data as a Service Platform, zveloDP™ and API

zvelo, the leading provider of website and device categorization, today announced the launch of zveloDP – an open, scalable, Data as a Service (“Daas”) platform which provides access to page-level, traffic and device categorization (including malicious and profiling) datasets through easy-to-implement APIs.  

zvelo Continues the Fight for Brand Safety Against Malicious Sites

Accelerating the Attack on Malicious Websites Greenwood Village, Colorado, – zvelo, the leading provider of contextual categorization and malicious detection services, has hired Eric Watkins to be their new Senior Malicious Detection Researcher. Watkins is a veteran in the fight against the malicious web and brings 20 years of experience from the Information Security and…


zvelo Team Taps into Water for All

As some of you know, zvelo recently moved to our new office location in Greenwood Village, Colorado and upon arrival the staff got an extra treat, a reusable water bottle from Give Me Tap. Mind you, this isn’t just a regular old water bottle, it has super powers! For every bottle sold by Give Me Tap…

zvelo Unveils zveloSHIELD to Fight Ad Fraud & Botnets

zvelo Unveils the Ad Tech Industry’s only Real-time, Dual-decisioning Solution, zveloSHIELD™, to Fight Against Ad Fraud and Botnets As Ad Fraud Grows to Record Numbers, zvelo is Providing the Industry with a Powerful Tool to Fight Back. Greenwood Village, Colorado – April 4, 2016 – Today, zvelo, the proven market leader for content categorization,malicious website…


Internet Safety Resources, Guides, and Tips for Everyone

Internet Safety Resources, Guides and Tips for Everyone

This article will be updated periodically, in support of numerous global online safety awareness campaigns occuring every year – Safer Internet Day (promoted in February), Cyber Security Awareness Month (October),IWF Awareness Day (also in October) and others. During these times, web safety advocates, companies, organizations and professionals worldwide raise awareness about safer and more responsible use of online technologies and mobile devices. Following is a living repository of online resources, guides, tips and entities aimed at helping everyone enjoy worry-free Internet experiences. Additional web safety resources will be hand-picked and added as they are discovered. To possibly be included in this list, or if other online safety resources exist that deserve mention, please feel free to comment below. Including a link and a brief description with each comment helps.