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MarTech Today: zvelo releases Bot Detection Service

zvelo Releases The Most Comprehensive Bot Detection Service For Web Traffic Quality Reporting & Ad Tech Platforms The new service from the Denver-area detector of malicious data can show percentages of non-human traffic to ads or sites. *****The following article, by Barry Levine,  appears within MarTech Today’s web site and was originally published on January 23,…


Final Thoughts from zvelo After at Attending DEFCON 24

DEF CON is one of the largest, (if not the largest), hacker conferences in the world. Held over four days every August in Las Vegas, DEF CON is now in its 24th year and is bigger, better — and scarier — than ever. Our Senior Malicious Detection Researcher, Eric Watkins, participated again this year and provided a great multi-blog brief; giving us a glimpse into the very real, and scary, threat vectors coming out of the hacker world today.

zvelo Lands Contract with Fast-Growing Demand Side Platform (DSP)

zvelo, the leading provider of website and device categorization, announced today that one of the fastest growing DSPs in the digital advertising market has signed a multi-year licensing agreement to integrate the zveloDP’s Content, Objectionable, Malicious and Invalid Traffic (IVT) datasets on a pre-bid basis.  These datasets will strengthen the DSP’s brand safety capabilities and help to eliminate ad fraud in their programmatic buying platform.