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zvelo Lands Contract with Fast-Growing Demand Side Platform (DSP)

zvelo, the leading provider of website and device categorization, announced today that one of the fastest growing DSPs in the digital advertising market has signed a multi-year licensing agreement to integrate the zveloDP’s Content, Objectionable, Malicious and Invalid Traffic (IVT) datasets on a pre-bid basis.  These datasets will strengthen the DSP’s brand safety capabilities and help to eliminate ad fraud in their programmatic buying platform.


zvelo Recognizes Staff in Fight Against Sexual Exploitation of Children

All of us here at zvelo are incredibly proud of the staff who tirelessly participate in these efforts. You are our rockstars. Our heroes. And, while it might be a difficult subject discuss, it is far from difficult to salute and thank a team who works diligently to make a difference in the fight against the sexual exploitation of a child.