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Thai Language Website Categorization Now Fully Supported by zvelo

zvelo, the proven market leader for content and contextual categorization, as well as malicious and botnet detection has announced full categorization support for Thai language websites and content. zvelo’s contextual categorization engines utilize proprietary, artificial-intelligence technologies backed by quality assurance from a team of multi-lingual Web Analysts to perform highly accurate categorizations of millions of web pages and other content across dozens of languages each day.


zvelo Secures Funding to Fuel Growth Raises $2.75 million from Cypress Growth Capital

zvelo Secures Funding to Fuel Growth Raises $2.75 million from Cypress Growth Capital Greenwood Village, Colorado – January 25, 2016– zvelo, a Colorado-based provider of content categorization and malicious detection data services, today announced it has raised $2.75 million in royalty-based growth capital from Texas-based Cypress Growth Capital. zvelo has a subscription-based SaaS business model…


zvelo Chief Security Scientist to Speak at DEF CON 23

Greenwood Village, Colorado – June 4th, 2015 – zvelo, the leading provider of contextual categorization and malicious detection services that are used to generate a wide range of data sets about websites, web content and more, has announced that Mark Ryan Talabis, Chief Security Scientist for the company, will be speaking at DEF CON 23.…