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zvelo’s proprietary AI-based threat detection and categorization technologies, combines curated domains, threat and other data feeds, with a traffic stream from its partner network of 600+ million users to provide unmatched visibility, coverage, reach and accuracy for powering applications including web and DNS filtering, cyber threat intelligence, endpoint security, XDR, SASE, brand safety & contextual targeting, and more.

In The Stack, Jeff Finn, CEO of zvelo, asks whether there are enough incentives for consumers to be concerned about the security of their IoT devices…

For customers purchasing Internet of Things (IoT) devices – a group that either includes or will include just about every one of us soon enough – it’s easy to get excited about the idea of smart light bulbs, speakers, thermostats, power outlets, and a host of other convenient, connected hardware the market offers. The chief selling point of most IoT devices is their functionality and simplicity, enabling us to control or track everything in our lives with our voices or our phones.

IoT Security

Why IoT Manufacturers Aren’t Helping Prevent Botnet Attacks

*****The following article, by Jeff Finn, appears within the Featured News section of IoT Evolution Magazine’s web site and was originally published on February 23, 2017. Malicious hackers seeking out unsecured devices to add to their botnet armies is not new, but the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is making their jobs all too easy. According…

zvelo’s CEO, Jeff Finn, Offers Insight Into IoT Security Future

On an increasingly massive scale, cybercriminals are repurposing connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices installed within our homes. These hackers use malware to enlist our smart thermostats, speakers, lights, and more as soldiers for their botnet armies – used in coordinated massive attacks causing security breaches that threaten the integrity of the internet.

Oath (AOL) Partners with zvelo to Drive Brand Safety Across Video Player

zvelo, the leading provider of website and device categorization is partnering with ONE by AOL – an Oath brand to drive brand safety for clients and partners who use its video activation player to stream digital video content and ads. “Brand safety in video requires a different approach than desktop and mobile.  We’ve found there’s significant value…